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About Magellan Service:

Magellan Service Corporation was created in response to production machinery users requiring highly trained, motivated service engineers at a reasonable cost. Additionally, with over twenty-five years of experience in the electronic machinery industry, we have seen the detrimental side affects of manufacturing equipment that has not been maintained properly thru the years. We feel that with proper maintenance and training we can assist the customer in minimizing downtime, preventing problems before they happen, and saving money.

Many original equipment manufacturers provide services to their customers when a new machine is purchased. This service is provided, usually free of charge, during the warranty period of the equipment. Once this initial warranty wears out, sometimes within 90 days, you can purchase service from the manufacturer, typically at a premium price. Of course, the service technicians from these manufacturers can only provide support to you, the customer, if they are not out performing warranty repairs at other customer locations.

We have found that while most OEM's can develop a piece of equipment, they do not have a field service department in place to support all of their products, old and new. With support a critical part of a companies success, Magellan can help by serving as your outside field service arm. Magellan's expertise means you have highly trained professionals servicing your equipment.

Magellan proudly provides quality service to customers requiring support in the electronic manufacturing industry. We can assist customers with daily service requirements, machine relocationís and installations, preventive maintenance programs, and ISO calibrations. We also have engineers schooled in training procedures to assist in bringing new hires up to speed on existing equipment, or simply to refresh and/or strengthen current knowledge.

Magellan Service is committed to providing quality service at a competitive price with unparalleled results. Please call for more details and learn how we can make a difference in your manufacturing.


Magellan Service Corp., 1 Jacks Hill Road, Unit 1F, Oxford, CT 06478

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